The most beautifully designed, delightfully intuitive, 

Business Intelligence Platform 


Know the Most, Grow the Most. Make the Most.

People do things that they enjoy… right? 


That’s why we put so much research into the psychology behind what makes an app enjoyable. In the industry we refer to this as delight.

KushDesk is a culmination of everything we have discovered on that journey, making it the most delightful Business Intelligence Software to ever exist.


And we are delighted to meet you  : )

What Is KushDesk?

KushDesk let’s you monitor your companies growth, daily performance and your performance over time, all in one delightfully intuitive interface.

KushDesk is the 1st mobile-first web application of it’s kind, that provides business intelligence, analytics, and advanced reporting for the legal cannabis industry.

Connects to all state registries and seed-to-sale tracking systems, KushDesk spots opportunities in the market and provides you actionable insights and suggestions. 

Our cutting edge artificial intelligence and deep learning technology discover new ways for you to automate selling. We find new ways for you to make money without you doing a thing.

A visual dashboard for executives, managers and employees, Showing them what they need to be doing and how well they are doing at it. 


Artificial Intelligence For Cannabis

You could be saving 45% on your current water bill by implementing a water reclamation system.

Water Bill Monthly

Water bill currently


New Amount (Estimated)





KushDesk Features

Dash Boards & Key Performance Indicators

  Delightfully Intuitive Interface


  Inventory / Growhouse Tracking


  Ai Driven Sales Assistance


  Kush-bot Artificial Intelligence


  Sales Data & Leaderboard


  Sales Rep Activity Tracking


  Pipeline Forecasting


  Funnel Conversion Rates

Market      Opportunity

Making sales through the supply chain is overly cumbersome. We automate the process.

Sourcing material needed for cannabis manufacturing is difficult. We automate the process.

Ever-changing regulation and compliance makes it challenging for cannabis companies. We automate the process with our alerting system. 

We are looking forward to working with you soon!

– Team KushDesk